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What Can Dr. Brown Do For You?

I started up the steps to Lewis’ apartment, I hate ending things, I really do. Why isn’t this 2002? I could just do it via AIM, but NOOOO I have to be responsible and do it to his face…ugh. After over a month of seeing him, I knew things weren’t going to work out. Read the rest of this entry »

Stopping to Start

“видиш это?”

“О да, прямо там?”

“да. Я думаю что нужно биопсии.”

What followed was a series of events that culminated into a “hypochondriacal break down” as my psychologist would later call it (but that’s in a few posts). Read the rest of this entry »

HI! Pochondria.

You know that mirror dance every girl does when trying on a piece of clothing? You walk up to the mirror analyze your body. Swivel. Do the obligatory butt-check and ultimately realize this is not the ‘you’, you want stepping out of the house that morning.

I have done the mirror dance often, except instead of clothing I try on various disorders and addictions.

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