A bunch of loosers (sic).

by marinashifrin

In the second installment of The Dear Diaries I bitch about my mom not letting me go to the mall and discuss a raunchy dream I had. I have yet to master how to properly spell “tired”.

teen diary

Dear Marina,

Eventually mom does let you go to the mall. It’s not your scene; too many people are happy. She was right not to let you go, but you never tell her. You continue going until you get your license — then it’s easier to lie about where you are.

That dream is truly “cool”. Hot guys? No way! Well, just to bring you up to speed, you go through a phase — in New York — where you date really “hot” guys. It turns out the hotter the guy, the duller the dude. Stick with the “loosers” they’re more interesting and attentive. I’m out.


Marina Shifrin