by marinashifrin

I am sucker for handwritten notes. Any kind, really, but especially ones I find in public. I feel sneaky peaking into someone else’s life through their writing. The notes are usually; grocery lists, nonsensical words, numbers, etc.

Today I found this little treat folded up on top of some moisturizer at a department store in Dazhi:

Dear Writer,

Thank you, stranger, for accidentally inspiring a girl to get out the ol’ sketchbook and spend a night being creative. I hope that everyone is lucky enough to find a passion as strong as yours.

Lesson #27: Keep learning.

The minute I take a breath and set my hands on the piano, I am ready to create a mosaic in the air. My fingers dance freely and swiftly as lifeless notes are transformed into vivid streams of music.

I cannot pinpoint the exact reason — it may be because of the constant listening to Beethoven symphonies or dancing to Chopin Waltz when I was very young — but I learning to play the piano was somethings I always wanted to do. When sitting infront of the piano, I has been able to set aside all my worries and immerse myself into a musical wonderland. It is important for me to sense the composer’s emotions; the tenderness, the excitement, the passion, the longing, the despair, the hope, the humor, the conflict and the resolution, the struggle and the victory; then add in my own interpretations in the process of recreation as I try to convert static symbols into meaningful sounds while playing the piano.