In a New York State of Mind pt. 2

by marinashifrin

I started writing here when I moved to New York with the intention of chronicling every lesson I’d learned after college, it wouldn’t feel right not to have a summary. Here it is:

1. Quit a job you hate once. Apply to a job you’d love 100 times.

2. If you can swing it, have a mom who is agoraphobic. It increases chances of being your dad’s plus one to an all inclusive 6-star vacation in Mexico.

3. Bartenders are cheaper than therapists, and more effective.

4. Save up money and vacation days and then buy a ticket to a different country. Convince yourself it was impulsive so when you tell people they think you’re adventurous and whimsical when in reality, you’re just smart.

5. From my experience I suggest you: date a catholic boy in high school so he can keep you honest, date a gay guy in college so he can teach what colors match your skin-type, date a musician in your 20s so he can write you love songs. I’ll let you know who to date in your 30s.

6. You are going to make a mistake that will cost you a lot of money. View it as an investment and don’t tell your parents.

7. ALWAYS listen to your Dad. I didn’t say you have to agree with him.

8. Remember people’s names. It will get you far.

9. Surround yourself with those who are better than you. Strive to be like them.

That’s it. For now.