Eating, Praying and Loving

by marinashifrin

The first time you have sex, after surgery, in nightmares: There are so many situations where being naked is simply terrifying.

So there I was, standing on a beach in Horcón, Chile, with a decision — wow, that came out way more pretentious than I intended it to — let me rewind.

I went to Chile because I was in a bit of a rut and I thought traveling the world would bring me the “Eat, Pray Love” experience I was looking for. I was about four days into my trip when I took a moment to stop and take it in.

Music was coating the streets, I was surrounded by old houses and immersed in non-english speakers when I realized: Chile is a lot like Harlem, I could’ve “found myself” for $1,497.25 less.

It’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I had an incredible, eye-opening trip. It was worth everything, but the three things that made the trip incredible were:

1) The people I spent my time with,
2) The fact that my phone didn’t get service
3) Learning how to communicate without speaking.

The third was definitely my favorite. Pancho only knew a few phrases in English, his favorite of which was, “Fuck it.” Although I could fully understand Spanish, I couldn’t speak it very well which forced us to rely on non-verbal cues. My personal-space barrier didn’t apply in Chile. Touch, laughter and charade-like acting became our language and when that didn’t work we both just said “Fuck it!” and hugged.

But you don’t care about what I learned, you want to hear about this naked-business.

Yes, I got naked, in winter, in public with two people I had just met. Who knows why they got naked, maybe it was for the experience, maybe it was to see each other naked, or maybe they just didn’t want to wear their clothes anymore.

Why I got naked? I didn’t know how to say, “I’m a little insecure about being naked in a public place, and I am not sure if I should really be doing this,” in spanish. So I used my actions to communicate without speaking:

“Fuck it.”

Lesson 13: You don’t need to fly across the country if you are looking for something; a partner, a good time or yourself. Just meet up with someone you love, turn off your phone and get naked.