The 7-Day Plan

by marinashifrin

The thing is, Julia Roberts has way more time and money than I have. So when I decided to go find myself; I couldn’t take three months off, visit three countries or do whatever-else it is she did in Eat, Pray Love. But I did have seven days to get my emotional shit in order, so I put together a plan.

Side note: Ben did come and pick me up from the airport.

I took all the parts of my life that I thought could be improved and gave myself a 7-day schedule to get there:

Saturday 5:30 am
Day 1: Diet
Day 2: Body
Day 3: Mind
Day 4: Career
Day 5: Relationships
Day 6: Spirit
Day 7: Everything

Day 1: Diet

Saturday 8:30 am
I watched as Francisco Javier Bonilla Marin nicknamed Pancho (don’t ask ) coated his frosted flakes with the third spoonful of sugar. I can’t say I was shocked as much as impressed — he had all his teeth and wasn’t suffering from diabetes.

I could already tell my 7-day plan was going to be a lot harder to accomplish. 

If I had to describe chilean food, I would say their dishes resemble something a trashed college kid would throw together if he had an unlimited amount of time and resources to create the perfect 3 a.m. meal.

Chorrillana: A typical dish consisting of fries topped with grilled onions, scrambled eggs, beef and (in this case) sausage. I am telling you a drunk college kid's dream!

Chileans pregame their meals with smaller meals, and their favorite snacks are ice cream, bread and manjar — a dulce de leche-like substance.

Needless to say, I abandoned the 7-day plan and started eating.