by marinashifrin

Rent+Utilities for your walk-in closet of an apartment: $900 a month

Getting a few drinks to calm anxieties because you think you have whatever disease is showcased on the homepage of webmd that day: $50 a scare

Doctors visits to treat the disease you think you have: $150 a visit

Getting drunk to celebrate the fact that tests show you don’t actually have that particular disease: $80 a night

Taking a cab because you drank too much: $20 a ride

100% New York Pizza: $1 a slice

Buying a smartphone to fit in with every other 20something: $109 a month

Pretending you aren’t poor when so-and-so comes in town from whereveritis: $200 a weekend

Bombing at New York Comedy Club, or any other paid open mic: $5 a mic

Flying home because you don’t think you can make it in New York: $225 a flight

Flying back because you know you can only make it in New York: $250 a flight

Surviving your first year in New York: Priceless

Lesson 10: Somethings money can’t buy.