Sex and The City

by marinashifrin

You have to turn off my air conditioner to turn on my coffee maker.

I think this paints a pretty accurate picture of the place I call home right now. Although I do want to settle in somewhere more permanent, I’ve grown to love my one room/shared kitchen/bathroom apartment and all its little quirks.

The other person on my floor goes by Coway (or at least that’s how I will spell it). He’s a Brazilian student studying classical film at NYU. His girlfriend, Cici, is studying business at some University in Canada, she has visited twice and they like to take showers together-very green of them.

You have to scare away about three street cats before you walk up the cement stairs to my Brooklyn home. When you walk in, if the glade candle sitting outside the first door is lit that means my landlord is enjoying his daily smoke break. He doesn’t smoke cigarettes because ‘they’re no good for ya man’.

It’s not much to look at but I often lie in bed and daydream about who stayed here before me (don’t worry I lysoled like it was nobody’s business). What if it was someone who is now famous? Or they got rich and live in a beautiful loft on the Upper West Side? That’s what I love about this city, so many talented, driven, tough people have come from New York.

I live three blocks from where Shawn Carter grew up, otherwise known as Jay-Z.I walk down the same streets that Spike Lee, Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, Notorious B.I.G and others walked before me.

The actual ground has this indescribable energy like with each step you take you’re heading towards something greater.

New York is the most populated city in the U.S. with 8,363,710 people and ironically the loneliest. People here are sociable and real, but they did not come/stay here to make friends. The majority of those I have met in New York have more ambition than all the people I have ever met put together. Everyone here is too focused on their lives to care about yours. It’s an adjustment from Missouri, but seeing all these motivated people give everything for a shot at their dream has just made me hungrier for success.

As for ‘Sex In The City’ besides the fact that I am a writer in New York, the only thing Carrie Bradshaw and I have in common is our love for a strong martini-and even that’s not the same because I can’t afford it. Yeah, the closest Sex in the City this gal has come to is hearing it from my Brazilian neighbors.

Before I go, I uploaded a video to show my absolute favorite part of living in this place. Makes for strong calves right?