In a New York State of Mind

by marinashifrin

Dear Olga and Vladimir,

Hi, it’s Marina from the past. By past, I mean I wrote this post a few hours ago in small bagel place that doesn’t have internet (similar to my apartment). Dad, you will be happy to know that I had the lox, cream cheese, onion, cucumber and tomato bagel keeping my Jewish roots intact.

I just wanted to write because I know you are worried about me. Don’t be.

The neighborhood is so safe, look at the security system on this building down the street!

I know that having your little girl live by herself is terrifying, but I’ve already made a group of five friends. We do EVERYTHING together. I mean they don’t leave my side. The best thing is that my friends are also very protective of me; they kill 99% of everything I am absolutely terrified of.

I do need to get used to the different definitions for everything. For example, did you know that this is considered an air conditioner in New York?

The great thing about living in Brooklyn is all the artists in the area. They love art so much that they display it on everything they can. I particularly liked this artist’s use of color and his brush technique.

In all seriousness, I’m alive. I think moving out to New York is proving to be much harder than I expected. I miss you. I miss my friends. I miss all the little comforts. But if making it to the top were easy, everyone would do it. On a side note, when I was living in the abandoned warehouse (used for illegal apartments) I had this moment of panic: What have I done? and as I was walking to the stairwell to get some fresh New York air I passed by this doorway.

With a sticker that read:

I will be okay.

Living the dream,