Journalism is Dead (To Me)

I want to make one thing clear: I do not think “journalism is dead.” In fact, I think journalism is the ‘Madonna’ of professions; it will get face lifts until it outlives us all. This is a post about my decision to stop trying to be a journalist.

I’ve figured it out. For the past 6 years I’ve been a writer trapped in journalist’s body. I went to the big name journalism school and got the straight As. Upon graduation I said to myself, “Self, you need to get rid of your Freshman 15, you’re three years out of Freshman year and it is not becoming on you. Also, do you want to be a journalist or a writer?”

When it came to deciding between being poor and being broke, I chose poor. I accepted my first job as journalist for a small blog and “reported” my little heart out. But soon something didn’t quite add up. I had the independence and a sliver of financial stability, but I didn’t feel good. So I quit in the pursuit of happiness.

Soon I got a second job as a journalist, but this one was different. It was for an animation company where I was free to make jokes and put my personality into my writing. I loved it! I found the perfect combination between comedy and journalism. I was having my cake, eating it AND going back for seconds. I dropped everything for work. I spent hours in the office perfecting my headlines, my voice overs, my stories. But as the workload increased, I found I could no longer keep up. I tried. I came in earlier, I stayed later, I worked on weekends. Scared I wasn’t pulling my weight, I went to my boss and told him how I felt.

“Make deadlines, not art,” was his response.

After I admitted that I could not hit the deadlines needed to put out our long-form, satirical news pieces, I was moved to our serious stories. Guess what I figured out? Journalism is the worst! I mean if you’re not reporting about which Kardashian is pregnant, then you’re reporting about a baby that was shot in the head. Here is an example of the list of stories we published one day:

  • Private jet crashes into Indiana houses killing two
  • At least 10 dead in Somalia car bomb
  • Iran launches new warship in Caspian Sea
  • Six men arrested in gang rape of Swiss tourist in India
  • British father and son in fatal accident on Mont Blanc
  • Two killed after race car careens into pit lane in California
  • Two inmates escape from Quebec prison in helicopter
  • Gold shop worker splashes acid on armed robber
  • Experienced Australian pilot killed in replica Spitfire crash

If there is a mass shooting or natural disaster you can feel a buzz of excitement in the office! I’ve heard actual sighs of disappointment when we learned nobody died in a building collapse. One time I asked my manager how he was able to cope with all the depressing things we covered each day. He rolled his eyes and fanned his hand — palm in the air — across all of my sloppy coworkers (we were at our usual watering hole), “Why do you think everyone drinks so much?”

PAUSE. As a Russian, and a drinker, I would never pass judgement on anyone’s alcohol consumption. I will pass judgement on the reason for their alcohol consumption. I think alcohol is for celebration, joy and silliness, not to forget the stresses of your life. UNPAUSE.

I am not saying journalists are monsters, but the atmosphere of today’s society — everything has to be first, loud and sensational — is taking the discretion out of journalism. Sensational stories have always been a part of the dark underbelly of journalism. But with the saturation of news providing platforms on the market, these sensational stories are multiplying, rising, strengthening and trending. Now machines and buttons inhabit journalist’s tool boxes. Clicks are King. The smartest journalists not only know this rule, but they respect it. Smart journalists like my boss.

My boss is a brilliant writer. My respect for him is boundless. He is a journalist who has become a successful and wealthy businessman. As a businessman it is his main objective to make revenue. How do you make revenue? Clicks. Remember? Clicks are King. So that is why this smart businessman, who has unmatched journalistic talent and writing skills that I can only dream of, wrote a piece about Justin Bieber’s mustache last week. HIS MUSTACHE for christ sake.

I am not saying that all journalism is bad. I am saying that most popular “journalism” is bad. You can’t blame the writers though, we’re scared into it. We’re the ones writing stories about the poor job market, we’re the ones sitting in classes which have adopted the motto, “Journalism is dead.” That’s why when we find a job that remotely carries even just the slightest essence of journalism we gently bend at the waist, place our elbows upon our desk and let the Clicks have their way with our posterior.

I’ve done it. I was pissed when someone else got to the “Miley Cyrus Twerking” story before I did. Plenty of journalism graduates were upset they didn’t get to cover how a 20-year-old Nashvillian made love to a foam finger. I would love to be the kind of person who stands up to this nonsense, gives my own version of the foam finger to the Clicks and practices hard hitting, life changing journalism that makes people stop and reevaluate everything they’ve known up until that second. The problem is, I am just not smart enough and my grammar skills are questionable. But, the light at the end of the tunnel: my coworkers, my peers and my idols are smart enough, are talented enough and are driven enough to change the space of journalism. That’s why I am stepping aside and making room for the real journalists. The exciting thing is, a lot of the journalists I graduated with are striving for that golden cloud of good reporting. But it’s not enough! We need more.

Maybe I didn’t get high enough on the journalism-totem-pole. Maybe stories about David Beckham’s facial hair are the morning fluff pieces of our generation. Maybe there really is better reporting down the line and I just didn’t make it there. What I do know is there are plenty of intelligent reporters who are not doing intelligent reporting. Be honest, how many of you have lost a little piece of your soul when hitting the “publish” button?

As for you non-journos out there who are reading these awful stories. You! Yeah, you! The one clicking the story about Jennifer Anniston’s weight gain. I see you. STOP IT! C’mon. You’re better than this. Don’t get me wrong, in quiet, dark places I am one of you, but I am trying to stop. I’ve found some ways to deal with the urges to click on these banal stories and I am willing to share them with you:

1. Jog to the nearest grocery store, newspaper stand or teenager’s bedroom and pick up a magazine. Why not burn calories and brain cells at the same time!  You can even buy it and invite friends over. Lord knows that industry needs the extra eyes. Use your mouth to communicate how you feel about Lindsay Lohan’s butt hole.

2. Okay, if you don’t have the time or energy for option 1. I have another solution.  At least do this much: For every fluff-piece you click on, click (and preferably read) two well-reported, intelligent and long-form news stories.

This morning I was talking to my little brother’s girlfriend. She is a freshman at my alma mater, Mizzou (GO TIGERS!), and she peppered me with questions about the J-school and journalism in general. I laughed at her excitement and instantly hated myself for doing so. I muted my instinct to tell her run in the other direction, switch majors, become a stripper — ANYTHING besides journalism.

PAUSE. Sorry. This rant in no way reflects my feelings towards Mizzou. I could not have picked a better college or journalism program. UNPAUSE.

Running away from something is never the solution. Unless your problem is a mugger. Then yes, run. GO! NOW! But for this particular problem, the solution is rolling up your sleeves, sticking your hands in the motherboard and jostling the wires until things fall into place.

I told her to study hard and ask lots of questions. I told her that the journalism industry is constantly changing and reshaping. I told her if she has the drive and talent, she can make it in any profession.

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241 thoughts on “Journalism is Dead (To Me)

  1. Mark says:

    I agree. News is not news anymore. Todays headline was about a women who has put money aside for her daughters boob job. The child is 4 months old, Mums getting prepared. Seriously, this is the headline of today…

    • WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

      Mark, such a society is a horror show. Seriously, seriously, was that the headline…

      Maybe I can become an entrepreneur and sell INSURANCE for parents while the kids are in utero – in case the child wants gender reassignment or a boob job or penis enlargement. You know, you may as well save while you can. That would be a hilarious business, & if I became a zillionaire from it. And sell funeral insurance at the same time in case the operation goes wrong.

    • Go work for Info if you want serious reporting, it and a few others are the only ones reporting the truth that really matters, but then again they have standards and won’t write about how Paris Hilton’s dog took a shit in the Dairy Queen

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Marina: You should produce more funny dance videos. I think you could subsidize your writing career with your funky moves.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Straight As is pretty awesome. I understand then why I read how very very disillusioned you are – & I’m sorry at it.

    Way to go, though, posting that video going viral & I read it on & now here I am! :) I like your style, is why I visited. I watched your stand-up comedy too – very good!

    Make deadlines, not art, hey. Enough to drive you sick. I can’t believe how much time & dedication you put in. I KNOW videos take a while to make. I like making them too (would love to be paid for it) – & hey, here’s one on my office Watermark who made me redundant on 22 Aug’13 but had someone else in my job a week later. Ah, but I saw it coming & reinstated my ABN… I’m independent again.

    You HEARD sighs of disappointment in the office, no disaster? OMG…
    I’m with you too with your “you’re better than that”. You’re reading one woman who does not buy women’s mags. I’ve bought THAT’S LIFE occasionally (about true lives) and MARIE CLAIRE in the past, but now too many ads. They used to always have a solid story in the back of the mag. Not sure if they do now.

    Dang, I’d make love to a foam finger for you if it would help any. The news says you’ve had one job offer. LUCKY YOU! I’d do anything for writing work! Oh hang on, that’s how all this started…

    Sincere best,

    from Australia,

    Hey, we’re coming up to Movember here in Australia – do you think Justin Bieber will grow a mo’? hee hee hee…

  3. Vanja says:

    Hi Marina, you made amazing you tube video :) I love it! :) Anyway, im From Croatia, Vanja Vrbanec, 26. years old and im not stocking you, dont worry i just…like to meet new people and somehow connect with them trough stories. So if you would like to know what im talking about, send me email . I’f not, dont worry, like nothing happened :)

    • Mareena says:

      Hi Vanja, this is Mareena. Nice to meet you! I adore trough stories, like I just told Miss Piggy over lunch. And I would definitely love to go to the stockroom with you. Stay touching!

      • Murdoch says:

        Mareena, I love your reply to Vanja — too funny . . . I’m still rooting for the two of you though. It’s just the hopeless romantic in me, I guess.

      • Mareena says:

        Thank you for your kind worms, Morlock! But please don’t root, or leave, for that matter. It’s nice that you’re a romantic. I’d like to visit Rome sometimes. Then we can switch some trough stories. Stay touching!

  4. Oliver says:

    Don’t give up on passion, colour and intellect. If we didn’t have Van Gogh, Chomsky, Da Vinci, Foucault and Marina, the world would truly be farked! Prakrastna!

  5. I stumbled upon your site – as many will have probably done by the end of the day – because of the “I quit” video you made. As a 40yo man who left his corporate job 18 months ago for your same reasons, all I can say is well done. I’d like to say also that “it gets better”, but I am still not sure about that part.

    Good luck, Lady.

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  7. Greetings Marina, from a fellow WordPress blogger! I am actually resident in Australia where your ‘I Quit’ video has made the front page of one of our major (and alleged) news outlets; Yes… It is one of Rupert Murdoch’s innumerable “Jennifer Anniston’s Weight Gain” repetition engines. I just thought you may be interested in knowing that I clicked on the story which led me to this blog.

    As a minor aside and perhaps, more relevant to the item you have posted above; I think that a major issue with news in the modern era is that so much of it is merely opinion reported as though the opinion was news. In between the opinions are the tit-bits about the latest celebrity diet and the potential increase in sexual assault charges made by foam props of a hand shaped variety.

    I guess it isn’t all THAT bad, I believe Twerking made it in to the Oxford Dictionary (albeit online) and that is the stuff that headlines are made off….


  8. MackemAB says:

    I’m 6 months out of University, got my Journalism degree, but decided after my first year I don’t think Journalism was for me…when a lecturer says “You know you’ve got a good day If there is a disaster abroad and there is someone from your region involved…” That put me off the job, I would like to write sports reports but me and another million people would. I also met a previously anonymous blogger “the fleet street fox” who said “you will be treated like scum, you will get no respect and probably be spat at in the face”…It isn’t exactly how I’d like to live my life.

    Journalism is 75% bad news, 20% celebrity pointless gossip and 5% relatively good news in comparison.

    Look at the Daily Mail in the UK, it basically makes a story out of very little, sensationalises the headline and boom. Click click click. They actually get writers to create pieces specifically to infuriate their readership into clicking, sharing and commenting. Journalism isn’t the same noble profession it was, the Internet has opened up a world of changes and no longer is your local newspaper in the morning your only source of news.

    The in depth investigative journalism still happens, the Guardian love a big exposing story, but most of the popular newspapers, tabloids and magazines don’t have the time/resources to really care.

    I’m about to start a marketing and PR internship, not journalism but a cousin. I hope that I can find my way in the world.

    Sorry if this comment was long and ranty or stupid but thought I’d just let you know my opinion. Best of luck on whichever path you take!

    • YobTvoyuMat says:

      Geez…PR is journalism’s even more perverted cousin. In a nutshell, PR sleeps with journalism and if it doesn’t get that far. it will do a bunch of cocaine with it. Good luck. And that’s why I love advertising, we’re scum that don’t pretend to be anything other than scum. We don’t look to inform nor do we expose, we just sell you shit and collect money.

  9. Best of luck for the future!

    You are completely right about the state of journalism, we need more journalists who care about quality news, not just ‘click-bait’ and viewing figures.

    Awesome dancing BTW

  10. Trillium says:

    I would like to see you start your own site and do what you wanted to do. Tell us what writers we should be following instead? Point to the better written stories out there? You don’t even have to do it full time but do it in your spare time and build on it. I also think when you have so much serious stuff on your plate all day long sometimes it is fun to just read silly stories to get a break from it all. I am sick of all the phony breaking news stories that are just not breaking news. I used to think whatever got published in research papers was legit but many times even that is opinionated and not really fact. It is not just happening in journalism it is happening in so many venues. Unless you can make money at it QUICKLY there doesn’t seem to be much investment interest. Carp Diem seems to be the focus but not much for long term issues. Even the stories at NPR many times are light fluff with little digging. I think the internet can even the playing field since anyone can publish and if you have good content and know how to market it you have a much better chance at being heard than ever before. I see this not as a half empty situation but a half full. You know how to do this or what you need to do this sort of thing so why haven’t you taken the ball and run with it?

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  12. TheBounder says:

    For goodness sake girl, grow up. You are (were) a ten-a-penny hack who was lucky enough to be getting paid, albeit perhaps not much, to do something you enjoyed; so it didn’t last, and your once shiny profession lost its luster?

    Join the club.

  13. knoiro says:

    I’m sure the bosses will get a click errr kick out of all the clicks you get now :) Good luck in the future but stay away from selling bowling balls. How many times in a person’s life can they say “yes sir, I am Billy Bob Bowstring and I’m ready to help you “Keep the balls rolling” right into your lanes. UGH!!!

  14. Ferguson_SR says:

    I saw your video and read your post. You are my hero and I love you for it! The line of, “make deadlines, not art,” is something I hear so much! I work in film/tv production and it’s constantly, “I don’t need it perfect, I need it Tuesday.”

    Please marry me? LOL. Totally teasing, but in all seriousness, YOU RULE!!!

  15. Karina Kay says:

    You are absolutely on point. Our society has been in the gutter for some time. We are not engaged in the real issues facing us, we just take it face value from talking point propagandists, whether it be comedy shows or actual government propaganda. We’d rather emulate our chosen celebrities. Yes, what a waste of prior generations and their sacrifices! We are checking out…………

  16. Brian K. says:

    Thank you for taking a stand in defense of journalistic quality.

    I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism in a year I’m far too vain to confess to. I often think about the topics we’d discuss in my ethics of journalism class, and how over the years I’ve watched the news media dispense with integrity. Now it’s just assumed that every story has a bias, and that audiences choose an outlet that supports their existing perspective. The lack of the fourth estate divides us and clouds the issues, making them harder to address.

    It is painful to witness the decline, because the impact is so far-reaching, and the effects are so very damaging. But it is heartening to know that there are those on the inside who recognize the failings of the news media and are willing to bring attention to the problem. I hope that more journalists feel as you do, and fight to focus on the service the media provides, instead of the ratings and views they receive.

    Oh, and nice moves.


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  18. kerry says:

    Just Brilliant. Well done for highlighting such an important issue in such a great way. The only way this world is going to improve is if people like you take a stand against the status quo. Thank you xx

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  20. Neil says:

    Thank you for reminding us that journalism can be a gourmet meal and not necessarily McDonalds. Oh, and that also, journalists make the best dancers.

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  23. You’re right: you’re not a reporter. But you are a writer, and a good one. There is a wide world out there for people who can write well (I mean really: have you SEEN how a lot of journalists write? AWFUL!)

    Clearly, you’ve set out on your own path. You’ve already done the right thing. Best of luck to you, and contact me if you want to talk about any of it.

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  25. Newsgal13 says:

    I have a journalism degree and have been in newspapers for 20 years — talk about “Journalism is dead,” try a newspaper vs. any other format. Although journalism should be about informing people about what they need to know, checks on the government, etc., the bottom line is, unfortunately, that it’s a business. Being involved in the news cycle 24/7 IS depressing. I don’t drink, but I do click on Miley Cyrus twerking stories, as a fluffy entertainment outlet when I can’t take another story about how everything’s going to hell and there’s nothing I can do about it. I also click on long-form, newsy pieces, and I contribute money to news outlets, but I’m in the minority. Everyone’s looking for a quick fix. Eyes on twerking = demand for advertising = revenue dollars = more twerking stories. Nothing will change until the Miley clickers’ lives and/or wallets are impacted enough to effect change. The problem is “journalism” never should have been tied to advertising dollars, and now it’s too late until consumers of journalism who don’t like Bieber mustache stories put their money where their mouths are. Thank you for speaking out and helping get the conversation out there, and good luck in your endeavors.

  26. Rebecca says:

    Strangely enough, when I saw your video I thought you were a quintessential crybaby from the millennial generation. Wah, wah, I’ve had to work hard for two whole years. But then a strange force pulled me to your website, and then to your blog, and then I realized something. I don’t really care if you are a crybaby, because you are funny. And a great writer. And, admittedly, a good dancer to boot. At the end of the day, I think you are exactly right. You are not meant to be a journalist, particularly in today’s world of Yahoo sensationalism. You are a writer and a performer, and in one giant leap of faith you are now being heard round the world. Good job, good luck, and I’ll be rooting for you.

  27. Hello! Use this 15-minutes of momentum on your site — monetize it FAST and keep the blog coming. You’re a good writer — and you’re a spitfire, love your energy and smarts. Good luck .

  28. Frankie says:

    Marina, I read this last night well before I knew about or saw your video. Once again, I am simply in awe of your ability to express yourself so wonderfully from the deep thoughts to sublimely hysterical. Continue to amaze us by simply being yourself.

  29. You should be grateful that you landed a gig that pertains to your degree. Millions of us, myself included, wish we could land a gig that we invested both our time and money for. However, most of us are stuck doing some kind of remedial, bullshit work that doesn’t even require a higher education. Now here comes this little miss bad ass telling the world she quit her job due to the workload and personal convictions with a Kanye West track. Double douche baggery. Brave…not. Wow, way to go by perpetuating the millennial stereotype of us being the entitled brats. Have fun finding another journalism job now since you’re under the national spotlight. Hell, I was a Journalism major, too, and just landed my first interview for a reporter position in over FIVE YEARS since graduation. I hope you enjoy working in call centers like the rest of us foolish liberal arts suckers who have but no choice since we’re paying off our exorbitant student loans. But let me guess, mommy and daddy already cover them, right?

    • Rebecca says:

      Perhaps you are having a hard time finding work due to your bitterness. How does it concern you if she seeks her dream? Of course she may fall on her face…but her trying shouldn’t bring out the asshole in you.

      • B.A.D. says:

        The point is thousands like myself would have worked as many hours, if not more, and still take a pay cut on top of it. But we should commend her for “following her dreams” and quitting like it’s no big deal? Pretty unappreciative from my perspective. Boo-hoo, work overload. Is she married? Does she have kids? Then it would be a different story. But fuck’s sake she’s only 22. Be thankful you’re working TIME AND A HALF (or was). Obviously you have a distorted sense of reality, too. Jobs don’t fall into your lap; especially journalism ones. Apparently silver-spooned fed shits still have no inkling with the dire job market.

      • Joel says:

        wow, bitter are we? Let me get this straight…because you made the mistake of having terrible kids, she has to suck it up and keep her miserable, life-sucking job? Yes, jobs don’t fall on your lap, as I’m sure she realized from landing a job in TAIWAN.
        Your comment is hateful, spiteful, generalizing drivel. You assume you know her social class level (silver spoon?)

        And finally no, we’re not expecting you to commend her. Because it’s impossible for people like you to commend anyone. You’re miserable and want others to be miserable because you hate people because you’re miserable.

        So go, be miserable and leave us all alone

      • Ha, me having kids. That is actually worthy of a LOL. If you only knew, Joel.

        You’re right: I am miserable. I would like to know what it feels like to follow your bliss, but first I need to discover what my own bliss even is at this point in time. Probably some deep introspection will ensue. I apologize for being too crass on this lady. Someone earlier today gave me some enlightening input and subsequently made me contemplate what I previously said. Joseph Campbell’s study of a hero’s journey and following your bliss was brought to my attention. They mentioned if you sincerely follow your soul’s desire, then doors will open where there were no doors before. Do we want to devote all of our time to a cause that prevents us from aligning with our true selves? I don’t know about you, but I realized as you get older, the years seem to go by faster; life is fleeting before you know it. Currently I am devoting all my time, energy, and effort to jobs I could personally care less about, but offer a decent salary. Despite the money, I will still be miserable by undergoing the same kind of drudgery. It’s time to reflect. Maybe it’s just a leap of faith–and I am not religious by any means.

        I see two possibilities on what we deem as being newsworthy: Are the corporate conglomerates churning out trivial celebrity idolatry intentionally to deflect us from stories with an impact and could potentially shape our perspective? Or are we, the reader, guilty for supporting this trend according to metrics and rags continually crank out similar stories as a result? Numbers don’t lie. Apparently we have a fascination with stars, yet we keep it to ourselves. Is it more about conditioning or a reflection of us?

      • Oliver says:

        Well SAMMs
        I must say, that whatever you write, you write very well.

        It’s difficult to stay positive in our different worlds and we take what we can from our own experiences and sometimes of others.

        When I have gone through challenges, people have asked “why are you so positive?”

        My response has been “what is the alternative?”

        Keep well.

  30. Hervé says:

    This is not so much a problem of broadcasting only bad or silly news as it is a (structural) problem of focusing on the anecdotal and forgetting about the essential.

    The Internet is leading the dance, and everything is conditioned by the way we use it. People who browse the Internet do just this: browsing. The very experience of the Internet is defined by this, we browse – so it is absolutely no wonder that the information business itself (for it is basically a business, never forget that) should turn into a cult of the ephemeral, the anecdotal, the secondary, the useless, the utterly uninteresting…

    In a way, it always was like that: the word ‘journalism’ implies a day-to-day work, which somewhat represents an obstacle to any long-term work looking to uncover hidden truths that are of actual interest to people.

    For what do we see as the essence of journalism? Going beyond the purely anecdotal – press agencies are basically registering chambers created for that very unanalytical purpose – to offer value-added news that can clarify/enhance the vision people have of the world around them.

    What’s value-added? The right question should be: what’s value?

    What’s likely to clarify/enhance the vision people have of the world around them?

    It is a preliminary task for any journalist to have answers for both questions. Answer may vary widely, but one thing is certain though: value and interest cannot be brought through idle news browsing.

    As long as the very economic model of on-line journalism will be based on the habits of web-browsers, journalism will be impossible.

    One excellent solution is to stop offering free services and start charging for journalism. services. Many people are thrilled to pay when they know that the contents will be interesting, surprising, challenging, etc., according to their own expectations.

    Of course, it is basically an elitist model… yet to my knowledge, it is the only one that is actually working. As far as I’m concerned, I do not watch television, I keep to the headlines of some international on-line news websites (no more than 10min a day, just to see if anything really interesting pops) and I am a subscriber to several paperback reviews – this way I only get what I want, not what other people think might appeal to my most basic instincts and make me frenetically click.

    In some areas, the advent of free content has indeed done wonders and magnified people’s lives. But when it comes to journalism, it has only contributed to its decay. As the saying goes, information is the most valuable commodity – who are they trying to dupe anyway by pretending it comes free on the Internet?

  31. Hi, Marina. Congrats for going viral. Just don’t waste this opportunity. Do something with it–something meaningful, something gratifying. If you hate journalism, or think less of it than you previously did, don’t go back into it. Instead, use your writing talent in some other capacity.

    I earned a journalism degree from the University of Kansas–I do, indeed, have Mizzou friends–and now work as an editor on a content marketing team for a couple of websites. Thankfully, I get to put my writing, editing and journalism skills to use every day. And I’m very happy. Journalism may be “dead,” but that doesn’t mean your career path has to be lifeless.

    And, unfortunately, in this age of the Internet, clicks do matter–whether you like it or not. If you’re going to fight that reality, you’ll always be fighting. Life (and work and journalism and the Internet) often isn’t fair.

  32. Emily says:

    As I am dealing with a similar where do I belong phase in my career, I am glad to have come over to your blog. You’re brilliant and funny and I wish I had a job where I could hire you because you awesome. I have never had my words so aptly put to music or a laugh track!

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  36. I lost track of time and my focus when I saw your video. I rarely watch youtube videos exactly not to lost track of time, and I definetly never read comments on the youtube – they’re usually dumb and, really, not worth it – but I found myself defending your position to one of those dumb commentors, praising your drive to quit a thankless job. I even got here – don’t really know how or why – reading your farewell letter to journalism. And I agree with all your reasons (although only the “thankless job” one I gathered from the video was enough for my admiration).

    Well, I guess I’m here to say congratulations. If a hundreth part of the Earth’s population had the guts to quit thankless jobs like you did, people would think twice before making a job thankless for their employees. Maybe your video will help them.

    Good luck with your career shift. I’ll be watching, probably ;}

  37. I am a sophomore at the Missouri School of Journalism. I think it’s ironic you said you “got the straight As” at MU when all of the reasons you said “journalism is the worst” are taught every day in class. I constantly hear “it’s all about clicks,” “news is depressing,” “this will consume your life,” “you won’t make money,” “sometimes you’ll have to write about Justin Bieber’s mustache to make people click on a story.” Professors straight up tell MU students how flawed, depressing and uncertain the news industry can be. Were you not listening? Or did you just not believe them?

    I agree, it should be about the quality of the story rather than number of headlines (but this is another flaw in journalism because of the 24/7 news cycle and how news is always demanded). With that being said, I’m thankful you quit because you were actually excited to write about Miley Cyrus twerking rather than rolling your eyes at the request. Journalists should want to write about serious issues, like babies being shot in the head (it’s morbid, but it’s important). Things are wrong with this world (insert your list of depressing headlines here) and journalists should be excited to write these stories so those in power can be held accountable and to inform society about what is happening around them.

    Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes…

    “[They] complained that I was focusing on the negative in a city with so much good. What about all the galleries and museums and music…? What about the good things?

    But these things are not supposed to be news. These things are supposed to be normal. And when normal things become the news, the abnormal becomes the norm. And when that happens, you might as well put a fork in it.” -Charlie LeDuff, “Detroit: An American Autopsy”

    Good luck with the writing.

    P.S. You spelt Aniston wrong.

  38. Soph says:

    yeah im not actually that ambitious so i switched majors since we talked. stripping with a minor in business. strippers get lunch breaks.

  39. Rev Bry says:

    Today (9/30/13) is my birthday…thanks for the great video!! ps…one of your FAQ was “is there egg in it”? Yes!! Glad I could help!!

  40. julia says:

    Anthony Shadid. RIP.

    Love the video. Follow your dreams. I’ve had shitty jobs that ruined my life and I’ve quit them all and I just keep plugging away.

  41. Todd says:

    I had no idea that Jennifer Anniston (sp?) gained weight…learning that from reading your blog made me feel good. It means I’m not reading the fluff.

    I sense a bit of self-deprecating humor. But, make no mistake, you have talent and you have a backbone.

    They say, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, and I’ve always understood that to mean that if you’ll speak up about issues, they’ll get addressed. Not speaking up assures that nothing will be addressed. However, a painful lesson I’ve witnessed and experienced is that, sometimes the squeaky wheel just gets replaced.

    If you live in fear of being replaced, censuring yourself, imposing limits on your first amendment liberties through your own actions, then not only do you fail to get necessary ills addressed but you cease to fully enjoy and experience life.

    I’m glad you are among those not scared to be the squeaky wheel.

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  43. I liked your video.

    I liked your writing.

    I think you’re a great dancer.

    Maybe we can have a cup of coffee sometime. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit on you just now. Well, actually I did. I guess I’m sorry that I wasn’t smoother about it.

    Keep fighting the fight.

    I respect your message. Journalism has lost much of its edge.

    “Just the facts, Ma’am” has been replaced with “Ms. Janet Cooke, here’s your Pulitzer.”

    I think the true spirit of a writer is choosing to be a writer. I admire that.

    From one writer to another writer, I salute you.


    PS I believe in art and I hate deadlines.

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  46. Hi Marina, your news reached Holland as well. We run a dutch career blog and we feel the pressure your boss has put on you and your former colleague. And as much as we agree with your message, do you feel that your video has the quality it that the core message deserves? I love your moves, you dance funky, but with you rjob being to produce satirical newsvideos, one might have expected something much more creative. The subject of superficial media surely has enough potential. But hey, who cares? Your video went viral, with more than 4 millions views on youtube, someone is making nice money on the pre roll commercials.

    It’s sort of ironic how your video actually proofs how right your boss is. Though once in a while a serious attempt to challenge such business laws rises: in The Netherland a group of journalists joined forces to create a crowd funded newssite (De Correspondent) and they were able to raise over € 1,5 million euro.

    We wish you well and hope you put this experience to good use. Feel free to hook up with us at, even if the site is Dutch, you have our mail address.

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  49. I’ve been a journalist for 16 years and many times feel like that to…great text, great video! I’m sure you will find a better job quickly with such a creative video. Now you’re famous in Brazil, we’ve just put your video on our news show! Congrats, Marina!

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  51. Richard says:

    Hi Marina, I just wanted to say thank you for posting the “I quit” video. The world needs more people like you. I am turning 40 this year and I never had the balls to do what you did. I wake up everyday with a pain in my stomach wondering if I’m going to get fired or what other catastrophe awaits me. It’s very refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to address matters they way they see fit. I envy you. I know you will be spectacular at whatever you choose to do in life. Thanks so much! By the way…You dance f#$@ing awesome!!!

  52. When he was the main news reporter for CBS-TV, Dan Rather said, “I can hear channels changing all over America whenever I speak the words, ‘and now, some good news.’”

    See, that was back in the ’70s, when a TV had something called a “knob,” which you had to get up, grab with your hand, and…

    Dear God. I really am old, aren’t I?

  53. Justine-Paula Robilliard says:

    I will say I love video editing, and I worked in the news department for the national broadcaster, yes I loved it, I did not really concentrate on the story, rather I did from a visual point of view. I had no input into the words, just the video. I was responsible for choosing the most suitable material and the legal aspects as per video and audio, ensuring that the quality of the material was of broadcast technical legal standards, as well as ensuring the material was not breaking laws.

    I would go back, and I am hoping to go back into the career at some point soon, I am saving up to replace a destroyed macbookpro laptop. I feel I have a valuable skill. I feel you are incredibly brave to do what you did, not sure of posting it on youtube, given that the way we are employed is through social media, Human Resources tend to frown upon such antics.

    Journalism is or was a craft, now it is a Degree Mill option, and to be honest most of the straight A students have no idea on how to craft a story, I cringe when I see material mainly US and UK based. There is no concept of the “rules” of television and film being used, anything goes.

    I would be on the next plane to Taiwan and I would make such a difference, I learned my craft in the age of tape based systems, without the luxury of computers, it was sweat and tears editing, walked out of a 60 minute session drenched in sweat from working the machines, I was known to be a perfectionist, I hate doing a 2nd rate job.

    By the way I do not have a Degree…All I have is almost 16 years of experience in the live production of television.

      • Justine-Paula Robilliard says:

        Yet the “idiots” in HR want 3 or 30 degrees and 100 years of experience, yes at the coal-face experience is key, in job hunting a Degree Mill Degree is key… The system of hiring staff is messed up…

      • Having an HR department is often a good clue that I don’t want to work at a place. I used to program computers in Manhattan. Everytime some new technology appeared, we’d see our employers put out ads (written by HR) for people with a “minimum five years’ experience” in something that had only existing for a year or two. Dopes. “Experience” means, to me, being a carpenter; it doesn’t mean having used any particular hammer.

      • Justine-Paula Robilliard says:

        I know what you mean, I send in my resume, and have yet to have a call back, yet I get the notifications from the website hosts,”Position Filled..” So I did some investigation and it turns out, the lack of a degree is the issue, the experience is more than enough, “For legal reasons” we need a person with a degree in journalism, yet the actual course does not teach what I know….[Insert swear word!!]

        So I am unemployed as a video editor, scraping by on scraps of work at the broadcaster here..Not ideal, but a foot in the door, and yes I have no time for HR, as they say they know, yet they cannot write a job advert without copy paste from other adverts online….

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  55. You’re in the wrong company. There are better jobs out there that will appreciate your skills and your passion–and THAT VIDEO, it was amazing. If journalism is all about numbers (and this is so because numbers equals advertising), then yeah, we will dance with you and QUIT too. Don’t lose hope. We also don’t love cat videos (we love dogs though). Continue blogging. It’s still journalism to us.

  56. Reblogged this on Startup Machine and commented:
    When journalism is reduced to producing POPULAR content, then you lose the essence of what it is all about–it’s not just about the clicks. Respect the audience–don’t give them what they want. Write about things that they should read–and it is still our jobs as journos to keep doing journalism–shoe-leather style.

  57. Scott McCullough says:

    Marina, my heart skipped a beat when I realized one of my former students was the infamous Dance for my Boss star. You showed serious potential on your Capstone project. Now I know it wasn’t just a fluke. Congratulations! I foresee great things in your future.

  58. Inertia says:

    Hmm. I don’t think what you did actually qualifies as journalism.

    Did you actually get out of your office to cover any of those stories you listed? Followed up on your own leads? Made contacts? Went out to interview people? Told their story?

    If you didn’t … it’s not journalism. It’s just glorified cutting and pasting.

    So, on the bright side, journalism isn’t really dead to you – because you haven’t yet met it!

    You’re a great writer though:)

    • Justine-Paula Robilliard says:

      It is not glorified cut and paste, there is skill and talent to editing news inserts. As a professional with 12 years news video editing experience, there is no such thing as cop and paste. You have to work out how best to use the material to cover the voice over, Not everything fits.

      Does that mean that Steven Speilberg is not a great filmmaker, he directed the action, he did not write scripts, or make the sets, or edited the final on screen version.

      Journalists work as part of a team, 2 or 3 people, journalist and cameraman/video editor or the cameraman and editor are 2 people. A journalist cannot be expected to write and shoot and edit.

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  60. As a fellow Mizzou grad (Go Tigers!) working at a job dependent upon pageviews, I feel you. And I would totally go see you do standup. Holla if you’re ever in Houston and want to start some shit so our peers have something to write about…

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  62. I seriously hope you read and respond this comment… damn, i know how you feel… i’m a 31 years old writer trapped in a journalist body, working for a click obssesed company that has completely lost the true essence of journalist and is completely scared of our goverment… damn didn’t i write your entry? Seriously?

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  64. Congrats on doing what you did! Showed guts and courage. Don’t worry about what other say about how you quit but don’t get disillusioned about the world of journalism either. It always has and will be about money; times changes and technology changes but ultimately this is what journalism has always been. There is just more of it now. As you say about reading long-form instead of fluff; you can also be one of those people that write long-form. You write well and though you wouldn’t publish things daily, perhaps you might enjoy that. Also, change the perspective on how and what within disasters/catastrophe is being covered. Anyways, congrats again on your decision and wish you success and happiness in your journey onwards!

  65. industryfear says:

    I’m on a similar life path as you, but in the world of photos in Journalism. The amount of head nodding and occasional outbursts of “Preach!” from me could not be counted while I read your piece. I graduated from a fairly good journalism school, and I studied under a ridiculously talented photojournalist, but my career options are slim.

    I like to compare a journalists job with that of an ambulance chaser. While in school, I was on the newspaper, and it was every photographers dream to get that spot news where someone wrecked a car in town and died. Horrifically tragic news or ridiculously irrelevant news were always on the front page, and all that mattered was how many paper boxes were empty at the end of the day. We had no time, no freedom, and worst of all, no reason to do any of the stories we were given other than to get a grade. We weren’t taught passion in journalism, we were taught “clicks” as you called it. Whats worse, when I went into glassblowing as a class for my art minor, I found out that the paper boxes were empty not because people were reading them, but because the glass blowing classes were using the papers to help shape the hot glass. A tool for an art piece, and the ink was a useless filler.

    I received awards for an opinion piece I had done on a popular political figure, not because it was good, but because it generated the most traffic to the newspaper’s website of any article ever. I didn’t even care about the political figure or the article.
    Like you, I am wary of the path that journalism is heading down. Also like you, I need a job to go from downright destitute to ‘I can finally afford ramen’ status. I may be stuck taking paparazzi pictures or chasing down the latest tragedies that have befallen people for my own benefit. It’s enough to make me sick.

    I also would like to see some real journalism being done. In my opinion the grammar and the spelling and the formatting should be less important than getting the messages across that engages conversation and touches people in their souls. It doesn’t pay well to do that sort of journalism, but it would be done for the passion of it, rather than the money or the clicks that are gained from doing such wonderful pieces.

    • I agree with every thing you said except for “the grammar and the spelling and the formatting” being less important. If the page looks too disorganized or too crowded I think it becomes harder to read or follow a particular article. As far as grammar and spelling, that’s even more important. It’s not only a matter of professionalism to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and word usage are used, but also if a sentence’s grammar and spelling are incorrect then you can’t even make sense of what is being written.

  66. Vivianne says:

    I Googled “Marina Shifrin” after watching your video on ABC News tonight and was supremely glad to learn you graduated from college an hour down the road from where I grew up (GO TIGERS!). My search ultimately led me to your blog. I’ve always been one of those people who clicked on the Jennifer Anniston weight gain stories, but I never thought a thing about it. It never occurred to me that my “click” affected anyone, anywhere. I will make better decisions from now on; your words will always be in the back of my mind.

    You were obviously meant to do something fantastic.Your writing is intriguing and refreshing. I have no doubt we will be seeing you in the future in something incredible, somewhere. Keep striving, writing and plodding along. BTW–there’s no reason for anyone to be miserable in their job. Good for you for getting out before your stomach got shrunk to miniscule levels and your heart damaged. There are better jobs out there. Go find one.

  67. Chris says:

    I don’t know you or anything about you other than this blog and your video, but I will say this as a working veteran journalist, pretty much the only correct statement in this blog is this: “Maybe there really is better reporting down the line and I just didn’t make it there.”


    After researching your former company and what you did there, let me break it to you: you weren’t a journalist. I don’t know what to call what you did, but it wasn’t journalism. After four years at Mizzou, you should have known that.

    Journalists develop sources, interview newsmakers, uncover and illuminate stories that affect people’s lives…. maybe shoot and edit original pictures, video and audio. Did you do any of that, Marina? That’s journalism.

    Yes, there is a lot of crap on the internet. And there is huge pressure for “clicks”. But every person clicking on cat videos and Bieber stories is generating revenue for news organizations to do real, honest journalism. I’m not sure exactly what you aspired to do since you don’t seem to like celebrity nonsense stories and you bemoan “death and destruction” stories, but what about business journalism? Science journalism? Tech journalism? Sports? There are a million avenues for you to practice journalism without covering deaths every day, but I suspect you didn’t really look and didn’t really care to.

    The cool thing about this profession is that it tends to weed out those who can’t really hack it.

    Amusing video, I guess, but it really doesn’t do anything to dispel the notion that millennials are attention-starved egocentric whiners who need everything handed to them on a silver platter, and I’m sure it’s pretty insulting to your former coworkers and bosses who enjoy and take pride in what they do every day without worldwide acclaim or attention.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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  70. Bob Bentley says:

    The writing finger writes and having writ, moves on…..
    Whatever your motivation was for this reaction to your inner feelings, well done.

  71. Chung says:

    Working the night (graveyard) shift in a foreign country where you don’t speak the native language, away from friends and family, and unable to meet and hang out with friends because of your working hours, is BRUTAL even if the job had been perfect. It wasn’t. Taiwan is also very busy/noisy during the day so Marina probably didn’t sleep well either. It’s a credit to her that she stayed as long as she did. I’d cut her some slack about being a “whiny egotistic millennial.”

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  73. I work in publishing and I’ve considered quitting basically more often that I blink, really. But with rent and bills to pay, I keep waiting for something better to show up. I hope I’ll have your guts and go out in style when i’ll happen. Because it will. Kudos on your brilliant writing :)

  74. “When it bleeds, it leads.” Sad to hear that the atmosphere from your “previous” workplace doesn’t show compassion to the victims of any unwanted incidents. That is bad journalism.

    Journalism is actually about news, and news is a different thing to each people. What interests one reader might actually bore another. I’m not interested in Miley Cyrus’s twerking, but many people were. In the end, other people’s interest caught on me, and I found myself watching the “deadly boring” VMA video.

    IMO, the whole gist of your blog is not really about journalism (because there is good and bad journalism, and I think you hate the bad), It’s about you, looking for who you are and what you really want. It’s good, goes to show that you are aware of what’s happening in your life. You’re not someone who lets things happen. You don’t want to be stuck to the boredoms of routine life. You want to LIVE.

    Many have fallen into the pit of routine, working for 8 hours of everyday. I myself am into this routine. But… I always tell myself that things will be okay, if not today, maybe tomorrow.

    We’re all very much alike. We’re all looking for greener pastures. We’re all looking for better days and nights. But just like the way news is a different thing to different people, the perception of happiness is also different for each person.

    I like the way you carried your resignation. The people behind your reason deserves it. Besides, there’s just too much bad journalism these days (and maybe during the old days too). You, on your part, deserves something better.

    Go girl. Make things happen for you in this world. Just one advice from someone who has lived for quite some time. Happiness is not pursued. You make it, you create. In order to do that, you need a reason. Make something or someone a reason for your everyday. But of course, these are all just my opinion. Keep writing… It’s like cooking…

    P.S. Excuse my grammar. I’m not as good as you are. (“,)

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  76. Damm, my English isnt so good, as i want it would be. I want to say, that im shaking, smiling and feel so understood, when im reading this. I worked for over 7 years as Journalist by a very very small local Newspaper in Germany. And damm, good times. Tough Times. But i worked as a “real” jounalist, this means go out to the people, talking to them, listen to there storys, write it down and read it the other day printed in a paper.

    And get the Answer directly from the people, when i made an mistake (or wrote a good story). But in the last years, this began to fade. Online grows (and im a digital citizen, so no problem). But the Businessmen began to scream: “More Online, more Clicks”. It doesnt matter, if this story makes sense, it doesnt matter, it there where people hurt – clicks.

    I quit.

    And this was the toughest decision in my life. Cause i love my Job. I love the way to speak with people, to dig into life and maybe, to help. Now im working in public service … and your text touched me. Wish your Best! And no – journalism is not dead… only the wrong people on the head shows the direction.

    • Justine-Paula Robilliard says:

      Maybe we should all meet somewhere, and form a new company, so many like minded souls, we could really do good in the world…2 editors, 1 journalist…I am an editor….

  77. Hat dies auf Aydon's Pommesbude rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Ich war bewegt, bedrückt und gleichzeitig motiviert. Ja, ich habe manchesmal dasselbe gefühlt. Auch wenn man die Arbeit in einer Lokalzeitung nicht damit vergleichen darf, was Marina erlebt hat. Die Gefühle sind nicht so unterschiedlich. LESENSWERT. Sehr. Jetzt. Sofort.

  78. Bravo Marina! Really nice piece that can’t translate better my feelings about how the media and the press in particular is evolving. Hope you’ll find your way!

  79. Taiwan suck so bad, since i got back i still can’t cope with the working environment here, it’s gonna be totally obliterated in couple of yrs i assume, anyway i like ur video and fuck the working environment here in Taiwan

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  83. Frank D. Jr. says:

    Please then, tell us what stories are important to you. I have been told since I was in seventh grade that I was the most promising writer any of my teachers had ever seen, but then I got to college and entered my basic courses. That’s where I started researching what a journalist would be doing and found out what the job market looked like. I did an about face and went where the money is — I’m in finance now. My one true love will always be words put into the most eloquent of phrases, but that will not pay the bills.

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  86. Chris says:

    I agree totally with every word written here. I myself have left the Journalism course in the 4th semester, went to Psychology and made a life out of that. After a decade here I am working in the marketing/journalism field and experiencing all that you wrote every single day.
    I do have a boss that I admire but that is concerned just about the numbers, not to the content. I do work supervising hundreds of other writers/journalists that starve every day to be recognized, but the money put into adds and marketing is absurd, and people nothing, including myself. I feel you.
    Keep up the good work and fulfill your dreams while you are young and thirsty.

  87. SyrusB says:

    You are awesome! Thats all I have to say. Good luck with the job search, I’m sure something better will come along.

  88. Miseryguts says:

    I think you demonstrate delusions of grandeur when it comes to your level of talent. You are possibly suffering from histrionic personality disorder too.

    Most people choose journalism as a degree as they are not capable of anything tougher and fancied, in British parlance, a ‘doss about’. The world and her dog goes to university these days and many more journalism, media, film and photography graduates are churned out than there is work in those fields for them to do. Full-time work is even more rare as freelancing is often the norm with very few ‘staffers’.

    Worse, anyone can now be a journalist. Bloggers produce inane commentary just as well as the professionals. So what are journalists for? And how much should they be paid if millions do it for free?

    So even getting a job at the arse-end of ‘journalism’ puts you miles ahead of follow graduates working McJobs. I think you need to be a little less full of yourself.

  89. You are awesome! And definitely and awesome and funny writer!! Keep blogging and maybe write a novel ..about a young journalist…who quits being a journalist…and becomes an awesome blogger and novelist…then get’s incredibly rich!! Keep following your passion- you’re on the write path- (did you like that- lol) and ALWAYS honour (Canadian spelling) your heART!!! xo

  90. Gabriella says:

    Girl, you need to check yourself. It’s fine that you quit when you realized your job wasn’t for you, but you did it in a way that makes our generation look bad. I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but parlaying your selfish bridge-burning into internet fame/possibly another job doesn’t really sound like you really care about ethics either. If you’re so concerned about integrity, why would you badmouth people (however indirectly) who gave you good opportunities and tried to accommodate your needs to the internet? Oh right, it’s in the vein of self-expression. I’m sure this stunt will get you a nicely paid gig elsewhere, but it’s tacky and a little sad that you had to resort to flaunting how “terrible” your decently-paid, creative job was for the Clicks you claim to despise.

    My dad was a journalist at a newspaper for 25 years before he got laid off because “journalism is dead.” He covered intense and inane subjects alike, but even if he didn’t like what he was writing about he was committed to putting out his best under ridiculously tight deadlines. For you to write off other journalists’ work as pointless or unworthy of what you deem to be good journalism is insulting to people like him who take their profession seriously. Glad you’re not in this industry anymore–you’ve clearly got a terrible attitude for it.

  91. Rebecca Aguilar says:


    I’ve been a reporter 32 years. You are an excellent writer and creative video producer. Here’s what I shared about your video. As I said, sometimes in journalism you have to get a divorce to find the right soulmate. That’s why I am still around. Good luck, and let me know if I can be of any help. I’m serious.

  92. Mike Conklin says:

    Here is one problem with journalism today: Too many people passing judgement on the state of journalism with little or no portfolio. That would be you.

  93. aldrinc says:

    I totally agree with you, Marina! I am from Brazil, journalist, and have just given up on this profession. Every little word you wrote here feels the same thing to me… I completely relate to it and to you. Now, I’ll just get back to studies again and try something new. I can’t stand social media, news sites and everything else! lol Best regards!

  94. Has anyone seen BOSS REPLIES: An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone

    Just type in “boss replies” (nothing else) and it shows up first thing in the Youtube search.

    Kind of… ummm

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  96. okay, its simple, i’m a “journalist” too and i kind of love you please marry me!!!! having said that ill love to talk to you about a thing or two and about a little project that gives me hope! i know you can see my email soooooo! goodbye my hero!

  97. zulma says:

    You are so punk rock. I think that your responses were all impulsive and obviously sincere. Too bad your boss posted a response and the mainstream media is giving him “his fair share” of attention. I think I’m happy for you if you were miserable. Just like Kanye, you just reacted. And onward and upward I say.

  98. Marcelo says:

    I’m here because of a news site from my country:
    “After viral [video], company paysback unusual editors’ dismissal”
    How ironic is that? Anyways, I feel lucky that someone shares the same feeling of being guilty from Clicking [Enthroning, if you preffer hehe] such awful stories.
    I need to quit this, and you just remembered me that this is important, for journalism’s sake [and for myself aswell].

    I’m going to change!

    Anyways, I agree when people say that those stories are about entertainment and not journalism itself. And what you were doing wasn’t journalism. [that might get some journalists offended, but I know that wasnt what you really meant]
    Fortunately your talent cant be imprisoned and pulled off the boundaries of this media industry that unanimously sucks.
    I hope the best for you. You are a very creative person. Get positive!

    Thanks :)

  99. Nena says:

    I wonder which TV Talk Shows I’ll get to see you in soon?
    I’m a grandmother, retired teacher and channel surfer who enjoys creative writing. I can’t bust moves like you, but I know a great freestyle dancer when I see one! Write on, Marina! Or, as we used to say back in the day, “RIGHT ON, SISTA!”

    Blessings on the journey…

  100. Nena says:

    OH! Never mind! I just saw the clip on Queen Latifah Show (youtube). I KNEW you were destined for something great (so did some 10M+ people)!!

  101. wally says:

    I’m not a journalist but I do fantasize of being one since I was a wee little child. But it may have made understand in a nut shell a dillema of a journalist. Maybe, it’s because I read a lot of, “The Adventures of Tintin”. Tintin is a journalist just incase you don’t know that.
    Anyways, I wish you well for the future and hopefully find that place where it will appreciate and have your ideals.
    And lastly here’s a video by James Nachtwey from TED, if you haven’t seen it yet and hopefully it’ll inspire you!

    Ps: Just to clarify, I’m not a creep..I just feel compelled by the studio you upload in YouTube.

  102. How do you feel about making headlines in the same junk news outles with the “I Quit” video? Doesn’t it go against your cause of real journalism?
    - Skeptical fellow Russian

  103. I ran into the same problem in my career. The reality is that there is a tradeoff between quality and volume. In many cases, “Good” /is/ good enough, and the marginal effort required to bring it to the next level just isn’t justified by the value you create. Making this tradeoff is something I ran into early in my career, and that I eventually got through with the help of my manager who was very supportive. I get a lot more “me” time that way.

    These days, when I want to do something to my own satisfaction, I do what I want on my own time. I get a lot more pleasure when I create something of my own than when I was doing it for something else anyway. Relying on my own satisfaction is much more reliable than hoping to see it in other peoples’ eyes.

    Good luck, and I hope you didn’t nuke your career.

    Also, you dance like WHOA! I want to dance like that!

  104. Lo says:

    Hello Marina,

    I am a journalist too and I totally agree with ur post ! You might think it’s paradoxical but i would like to interview you for our french show “Le Petit Journal” (Canal +). We liked so much your video that we want to ask you some questions.

    Our program is an “infotainment” show, which talks politics, media, people… Always with off-the-wall humour.
    We like to talk about the heroes of the day. And at the moment, you are our heroine ! :-)
    Our show is watched by a lot of young viewers (15-35). Our audience rating: 2 million people every night.

    We could do the interview by skype. It will only takes few minutes.
    What do you think about it ?

    See you soon,

    My email:

  105. Nina from Paris says:

    Hi Marina,
    I do thank you so much for this nice lifestyle lesson. It’s a shame to see the same story all over the world. I discovered recently your video and I just want to say ” RESPECT”.
    I’m living in Paris, and feel really concerned by your video, simply because I recognized myself in your story. I’m very proud of your initiative and I hope you will find a job which could bring you, a nice balance between personal and professional life (I know it is a a little bit utopian, but let’s consider this dream could be true somewhere else :-) ).
    Your alright, stop forget yourselves for a job which is not consistent with your own aspiration and values.

    PS : You are dancing very well :-)

  106. Anja says:

    Hi there,
    you made a WONDERFUL video with “I quit”! And the lame response from your former employer just says it all.

    I very much relate to your thoughts and feelings about journalism. That’s why I became a university professor instead of my original wish to work as a journalist. Can’t say for sure that things are much better at uni these days though. Maybe a little …. ?

    I would love to see you do more comedy. Watched your videos and liked them. Whatever you do: where I sit at the moment ( a cafe in Berlin…) I think you will be successful at what you do. Whoever sees you these days and not offers you a job is an idiot – at least to my mind.

    All the best, lots of love (and don’t change :-) Anja

  107. YobTvoyuMat says:

    You know what “good news” is? NO NEWS. I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot. That’s they way of the world, and there are no good journalists. Everybody has made a compromise and took it up the posterior. And why? Because sensationalist crap sold papers back in the day, and today the same scandalous material get’s the clicks – and between both concepts lies the advertiser who brings money to your publication. Your boss cares about what get’s users because your advertisers care about that click, and not whether your story has substance. You may just have more luck in being a journalist if you go to work for a subscription based publication, like an Economist or something along those lines. While I applaud your sense of duty to report on the good in society, I think you’re missing the point – the people on top only care about numbers, because numbers are what’s on their paychecks. You’re always at someone’s mercy, so be a journalist and concede your ideals or be an independent writer and write about what you want but still be at the mercy of your publisher. By the way, I considered pursuing a career in journalism, before I saw the first example in the journalism book was a story about a fire.

  108. Marina, nice writing there! I really agree that there’s ever more nonsense on the web, in the papers and on TV but I think there are still pockets of resistance out there. Just think about The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and The New York Times or magazines such as The Economist, The Atlantic and The Nation. Of course there’s also a host of business-to-business publications specializing in, say, the car-parts-business or agriculture that steer clear of Kim Kardashian or babies being shot in the head.
    I’m not always proud of the stuff I cover, but I do put out articles on dead-serious (maybe you woul deem it boring) and meaningful stuff. Maybe you just didn’t get a chance at the right news outlet. Taiwan is a great country but Taiwanese companies can be very harsh on employees in any field anyway, and its’ journalism a little off (remember the Makiyo issue?). I wish you luck pursuing another career though!

  109. JVK87 says:

    To those of you who are congratulating Marina on the stunt she pulled, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Judging by her actions, Marina is just another self-absorbed, entitled millennial brat who should be thankful she even has a job in the first place! I am 26 years old with two graduate degrees with bar better credentials than here and I still can’t find an entry level job and I’ve been looking everywhere. I would be glad to have an entry-level job, even if it wasn’t what I ideally wanted to do.You gotta start somewhere. Entry-level jobs out of school typically aren’t any great, but that’s to be expected, so deal with.

    Listen I’m not defending her boss or the management; I’m sure they’re a bunch of indifferent, unappreciative number crunchers who would care less about here well-being but that’s isn’t exclusive to her job either. However, the fact that Queen Latifah offered her a job just reinforces and enables the kind of entitlement mentality that Marina and a good chunk of her age cohort demonstrates!

  110. JVK87 says:

    To those of you who are congratulating Marina on the stunt she pulled, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Judging by her actions, Marina is just another self-absorbed, entitled millennial brat who should be thankful she even has a job in the first place! I am 26 years old with two graduate degrees with far better credentials than her and I still can’t find an entry level job and I’ve been looking everywhere. I would be glad to have an entry-level job, even if it wasn’t what I ideally wanted to do.You gotta start somewhere. Entry-level jobs out of school typically aren’t anything great, but that’s to be expected, so deal with it.

    Listen I’m not defending her boss or the management; I’m sure they’re a bunch of indifferent, unappreciative number crunchers who would care less about here well-being but that’s isn’t exclusive to her job either. However, the fact that Queen Latifah offered her a job just reinforces and enables the kind of entitlement mentality that Marina and a good chunk of her age cohort demonstrates!

    • Frankie says:

      @jvk87 Jealous or bitter much? I guess your 2 graduate degrees and bar (sic) better credentials give you the super powers to know someone and all of their abilities and credentials from a 1:45 minute video encounter, as well as expanding those assumptions to an entire age demographic. Stereotype much? As someone who has known Marina for a few years, observed and hopefully contributed to her education a little bit I admire her pluck, self-deprecating manner (if you bother to read any of her other blogs it will be painfully obvious she doesn’t take her self too seriously) and willingness to take risks including venturing to a foreign country, doing stand up comedy in NYC and all in all not waiting for something to be handed to her but instead working to try to pursue what she wants (or thinks she wants). When it didn’t work out, she also had the cohones to take a bold step in a new direction rather than continue to whine about it, granted in an atypical manner but true to her personality. I believe that is what has captured everyone’s attention, and they appreciate the humorous way she did it. Even her former employer and co-workers got that (did you watch THEIR video?). Granted, she may have burned a few bridges, but frequently going backwards over bridges is not a way to advance yourself.

    • Entitlement mentality? And here we all are reading a post from someone who feels entitled enough to pass judgement on a young woman who has the sheer force of will to take action on her terms. If it weren’t for people like her who deal with the reality of crap jobs or worse assignments we would all be flipping burgers at minimum wage. Regardless of degree count.

      My wife holds two degrees too and has only ever been able to find secretarial work throughout her 17 year career despite no lack of trying her best. That’s despite her expertise in environmental policy and education. I have only got one degree and I walked from University into my job, I work in the IT industry securing a far better paid and more enjoyable job than she has. According to you that’s fair, why should I be doing a job I love and get to use my experience and skill on a daily basis and she’s stuck being some idiots secretary. Marina took a stand and did it in a very unconventional way that her boss and co-workers actually seemed to appreciate. She wasn’t insulting to the company (in fact she didn’t even name the firm) and yet she made her point very clearly. if it weren’t for people taking action and raising awareness over workplace issues we would all be on minimum wage flipping burgers by the way JVK87, I’ll have the Whopper with cheese. Thanks!

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  112. Luke says:

    I got my video back up of a small Comedic Poem that Youtube banned from my channel for no reason while the video was going viral the first time I put it up…

    Go to “Channels” on Youtube and type in Life Hacker 3.0 and you’ll see it on my page….(hopefully if Youtube is not stalking me again.)

    It’s a poem of a Boss who wants to respond to such a sexy resignation by this hot blogger. Marina you are super hot, whether you ever love me or not; I love your hotness and it makes me want this…

    “this” meaning you.

    Ok I’ll stop now… I really am not a creep (unless thinking you are hot makes me a creep….in that case…you are hot and I’d be a creep because you are HOT). Just need some attention to my site so I have a chance of not being a starving artist anymore.

    Help me go viral so I don’t die of canned food from the food pantry!

  113. Hi Marina and all the out of work writers out there, there is a media revolution taking place and you are all invited. As has been duly noted by Marina and others, media is a commercial enterprise but it will only exist for as long as businesses are prepared to pay for ad space. That time is fast coming to an end.

Businesses are now realising that with online, they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for banner ads or Google ads or paid comment that ends the moment they stop paying the bill, instead, they are realising that they can employ talented wordsmiths, photographers, videographers and story tellers (like you!) to help them tell their story directly on their own website.

    If you are passionate about writing quality, you should approach a business that is involved with something you could feel passionate about too and propose to start writing for them. Help them share their passion with words, video and photographs. Help customers find them with your wizardry of words.

    I have been involved in building websites, online advertising and web content since 2004 and it is clear to me that businesses are starting to recognise the opportunity that I have just outlined above. If you knock on the door of a company with a product or service that resonates with you and you can probably write for them in a way that will resonate with others.

    Don’t sell out for something second best – the world is your oyster – you can write about ANYTHING.

    Action plan: Find ten businesses that you feel synergy with and then write up and send these companies a clear proposal for great content to connect their product and services with people who need these things and are online and searching.

    Have fun and don’t believe everything you read online, just believe in what you write online.

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  115. Well, you maybe should change the area of journalism are working on. Miley Cirus, Justin Timberlake etc aren’t news, just entertainment. Don’t watch TV and look for a differents online sources of information. Photojournalism is always getting the best of the news top stories interesting in the world, follow impress people as Jon Pilger
    And if you are writter, just write and then work to have free time to write.
    Wish you the best,

  116. While this wasn’t the focus of your post, I can’t help express my giddiness for the fact that you worked at an animation company! I’ve worked in animation my whole professional life and make cartoons about an average joe’s battle against everything life has to throw at him. Sorry it didn’t end up working out for you there!

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  118. Luigi the Plumber says:

    Just a few words to improve your CTR ;-). I really like your video and the way you forward your opinion. I work in Germany for an Online-Marketing agency and it’s nearly the same problem here. Keep rocking.

  119. Pingback: I quit, in pursuit of happiness | Liyana Shazreen

  120. Jessica says:

    First of all, let me say that yes I brought here by your dance video. Kudos.

    I understand where you are coming from. I am a journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School at ASU, and I’m graduating this year. I don’t mean to diss Mizzou or its J-School. You don’t make it clear whether you majored in writing or in journalism, considering the two are drastically different even though everyone thinks they’re not. If you did major in journalism, let me say that if you were really so shocked and disgusted by the serious stories you had to write then I’m extremely curious as to what blissful ignorance of an education you got there.

    You can stay that you’re “stepping aside” to make room for “real journalists.” But please, do not kid yourself. You are quitting because you cannot handle the pressure of being a journalist. And that’s okay. It happens to a lot of journalists. I’ve seen it happen to more classmates at ASU than I can count. But the way you felt about hitting the “publish” button on something you don’t like writing, you should feel that way about quitting. Yeah, you can make it cute by dancing to Kanye West and having a good attitude about it. You’ve got balls quitting in a recession, I’ll give you that. But what did you think journalism was?? Did you think that just anyone got to be a editorial writer for the New York Times? In journalism, you HAVE to get your ass kicked to prove to people that you can handle it. It’s survival of the fittest. And if Mizzou didn’t teach you that, then their program is drastically overrated.

    You know why your coworkers were upset that no one died in that house fire? It’s because more deaths bring more page views. And more page views bring more publicity. And more publicity brings more advertisers. And more advertisers bring more money. And more money means your job is safe for at least the next week.

    The stories that you wrote, “5 Dead in horrible, inhuman disaster,” I wrote those stories multiple times a day every day for 3 months as part of an internship at The Arizona Republic. And while I will agree with you that some of those stories are only meant to generate page views, they also have a journalistic value to them. They provide the money for my colleagues to be able to write columns about rampant racism in Arizona and or about the ungodly obvious misappropriation of funds in some cracktown Phoenix suburb. My little, view-bait stories were the lifeblood of the website. Did I like doing it? Not one bit. But those stories are stories that EVERY, and believe me when I say it, EVERY journalist has to write. It’s almost a rite of passage. But I knew that if I worked hard and had a good attitude, this would launch me to bigger and better things.

    AND IT DID. After The Republic, I interned in New York City at NBC. I helped cover stories like Hurricane Sandy, the election, and more. After that, I became a producer at my school’s flagship program where one of my newscasts was nominated for a regional Emmy award. I am one of the top students in my graduating class, and let me tell you being at the top is one of the best feelings in the world. I know that I’ll come crashing down to the bottom again when I graduate. But I don’t care, because the push to climb back to the top will make me a better writer, a better producer, and a better journalist.

    You know what the ironic thing is? You write about how journalists are slaves to page views. And it’s true, we are. But I hope your YouTube video, and the job it eventually lands you, teaches you the true impact of page views. I hope your video does get you places and you get that artsy writer job you’ve always wanted.

    And I hope that journalism becomes resurrected for you. I hope that we, the “real journalists,” won’t disappoint you and can one day get as many page views on our in-depth, long form stories as we do on the over-the-top, mass-killing stories. Until then, please keep clicking on those sensationalist stories that you hate so much. Because that’s how we’re able to afford living in a 700 square foot apartment with a roommate and eating 69-cent mac ‘n cheese for dinner while we plot how we’re going to change the journalism industry.

    • Anja says:

      Dear Jessica,

      I can hardly believe the bullshit you’re writing. Very, very judgemental.
      “You are quitting because you cannot handle the pressure of being a journalist.” Ahha – you know where she’s coming from, right?
      “And that’s okay.” No way – how very NICE of you to okaying this!

      You seem to be very young and inexperienced. Just spare your ink until you have gone through what Marina has gone through, PLEASE. And spare us comments like this. They are no FUN to read!!

  121. you are part of the conspiracy, as everybody. And Hegel said it long time ago. You can´t not scape. So look and enjoy an love people you have around or you will finish jumping over a bridge. Journalism is not the same as everything is not the same because now we are living in the methacrylate´s age. It was copper age, iron age, etc… now All is disposable.

    Kisses and good look finding you way in this world of plastic, selfishness, botox and moisturising creams. At least the sun wake up in the same side.

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  124. Hayden says:

    There are plenty of valid news sources and good journalism firms…. The people who dont care for twerking have gone other places for their news. Rocketboom was one of the fastest growing news channels for delivering good quality content to an intelligent audience. However they destroyed themself’s by falling for the twerking stories and chasing the clicks. Their problem was that they changed focus and didn’t realize that their whole audience were people who up and left other media.

    Their content never got them views, they were the first to the story for the golf of Mexico, however no body cared at that stage. However good journalism is what KEPT their viewers fixated, and somehow this lead to becoming one of the fastest growing news channels. Good content gets you a following, followings will get you those clicks. Being the first to a crappy story is such a small minded fantasy to be chasing. Anyway, rocketboom is dead now… they started fixing things back up, but its just not the same. ps. Rocketboom are the ones who produce “know your meme”. Which is now a meme.

    I hope things go well with your career, and hope to hear some good journalism

  125. Tye Archer says:

    I watched the interpretive video you had created for the purpose of stating your resignation to your former boss and thought to myself “Why didn’t I do something like that when I resigned from my last job”. I felt your struggle & situation because I too went through a similar situation with my last job where I had a boss who wanted 100% perfection yet didn’t want to commit resources to better obtain these results that he desired. Rather, he pointed fingers, played hardball, cracked the whip & threatened employees for these results. I had been with the company for a year and had done everything I could to contribute and give every ounce of commitment. I was finally at the point that I just didn’t want to do it anymore so I called my boss into his office, sat him down and gave him my resignation letter, told him good luck and walked out the door. He was pretty shocked but took it well. However, I liked your resignation better….

    I don’t think that journalism is necessarily death rather than in a comatose state from all the prodding clicks that it receives. (Joke)

    Journalism has become saturated with tid-bits of pointless information that is presented to the public regarding the rich, fabulous & famous… The other face of journalism covers tragic dramatic pieces that are meant to build suspense in readers such as a drama piece or work of art viewed by a spectator. Only then if any room is left to spare are those truly significant journalism pieces published that work upon the heart of the reader, inspire thought & bring about debate/discussion to address the piece that captures public eye.

    Nevertheless in this day and age, I see more people seeking less & less real news and more useless articles which allow the reader to escape the fringes of their life for however precious moments. Many people do not want to be troubled by the problems within the world because sometimes these burdens are heavy to bear & many times they play upon the heart or mind and are carried with a person. I find that very disappointing because to me any individual seeking to go into journalism has the ambition & desire to change the world through their writings. The actual state of journalism & perhaps the illusionary facade that ambitious coming-up journalists carry should be something that is addressed to these individuals rather than going out into the real world & having this idealistic bubble containing an idea of “what journalism is” popped…

    The fact is that journalism like all careers is dominated by revenue which is only obtained by establishing & maintaining customers in order to generate cash. These individuals unknowingly create the face of journalism by their own desires as readers. Thus you must report what people want & sadly people would rather read about Justin Beiber, Kardashins, Jay-Z, etc… rather than something actually important and meaningful. Journalists do not have the luxury that writers do of actually being able to express themselves through their writing but journalists have the luxury of a regular paycheck. There are journalists out there that actually do cover magnificent pieces but it’s a rat race to obtain these jobs.

    Anyways, good luck with your career & follow your heart and see where it leads. If you end up becoming a writer let us know when you publish a book, if you stay a journalist then try to get into a position that actually writes worthy pieces otherwise your wasting your own potential & time…

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  127. Shawn says:

    I’m sorry your career didn’t turn out like you wished, I’m in the same boat. I picked law enforcement, to protect and serve and all that good stuff. After seven years I’ve realized all “Protect and Serve” turns out to be is a slogan on the side of your car. I woke up every day, did my job, tried to be as fair and just as I could with everyone. At the end of the day tho, no one cares. All that matters for us is that the Sheriff get’s re-elected, all of the contract city commissioners are happy, and tickets get written. Not what I signed up and took an oath for. A $262.00 ticket for speeding or not fully stopping for a stop sign isn’t a “fine” it’s a sentence for someone to choose which bills they won’t pay. The water, the car payment, the electricity. There’s no justice in that. I’m changing careers to computer programming, it’s never really what I wanted but it will pay the bills and is fun. If I can make a suggestion, your website looks amazing, you should really consider going into UX design. You’ll be able to make beautiful, usable things and at some point will be able to pick your clients and content. Whatever you choose tho, good luck to you.

    • Shawn,
      I totally hear you. It’s sad that every industry has its struggles. Hey, good luck with computer programming — I’ve always had a sweet spot for programmers (my sister and brother-in-law are both in that field). I have a little bit of a design background but still think I need writing to survive. Thanks for the well wishes.

  128. Svetlana says:

    Thanks for fresh and honest perspective. Thanks for not being afraid. Thanks for the chuckle on your dance moves :)

  129. Stan says:

    You have a sharp intellect and a deep passion for the truth. Plus, you are funny. Go where your passion takes you and you will be successful. Thank you for a little joy in my day.


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  139. Nate says:

    Glad to have stumbled upon this blog. I need a round of applause for reading this. It has been quite some time since I’ve read anything over 140 characters. Marina did a great job too, “Respect”! But me reading the entire blog overshadows her work. Alright let me get back to work.

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  141. Alex says:

    Hey, Marina, I hate this “entertainment” journalism. Even the major part of the “good” magazines and newspapers are also publishing too much bullshit; the quality seem to slip constantly. Since the attention of the crowd is the main goal,
    not good stories and really important headlines, people have even less interest to pay for their magazines or online content, it is like a doom loop.

    On the other hand, many of us, readers, are living in big cities, and this type of stories are kind of social equivalent or replacement for gossip (in a small community everybody knows everything about everyone). The whole information flow can also make you addictive to it, you want to be “up to date”. Or you don’t want to miss something “important”, and, day by day, you get used to this crappy stories and headlines. And as real junky one can never admit it… And we are addicted to 1000 things, like good coffee, our smart phones, movies, tv shows, new shoes or shopping in general etc.

    Speaking of your career and the choice between poor and broke, there is a way to make a living out of journalism / writing or whatever and not giving up the thing you are most passioned about. You need enough free time for your private thing (like writing books), you need to stop trying to be perfect in your job and find a way to be good enough without over committing to your job: we are not made to work 24/7, and you know it, less is more, otherwise your creativity and productivity falls down and some day you even don’t have enough time to “recharge your batteries”.
    And maybe your ex boss was trying to tell you about it, when he was saying “Make deadlines, not art.” I also think that you are smart and talented enough to find your own way dealing with all this stuff. Good Luck

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