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Why don’t you write more?

Every morning around 6am I get home from work. I shield my eyes from the sun and scuttle into my apartment. I stare at the computer for two hours before adjusting my glare to the ceiling. Sometimes I fall asleep. Most of the time I don’t.

I creep into the shower at 6 pm to wash some sadness off my back. I make sure to put extra soap under my armpits where the fear has collected. Hair strands crawl down my body so they can dance around the drain. There is more hair dancing this month than usual.

On the way to work I stick close to the shadows where no one can see the dark circles and mis-matched jewelry. I would use makeup to cover up my tired, but why waste expensive makeup on an empty office? I wink at the night guard when I enter our building. He gets it. I slouch into my chair, hoping no one has noticed that I’ve come in a little after 8pm. They haven’t. They are too busy slouched in their chairs. I open my browser and begin to write.

At 10:17 pm my boss comes over to my cubicle and jams an esophagus-sized straw down my throat. He begins to suck out the contents of my stomach — usually two tea eggs and a bag of peanuts — he then lifts the straw ever so slightly to get the contents of my heart. When the air bubbles begin clanging against the plastic, he pulls the straw out and wipes his mouth. I return back to my work.

I’d better post a pretty photo soon, otherwise they’ll grow suspicious of why I don’t write anymore.

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16 thoughts on “Why don’t you write more?

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    “wash some sadness off my back” – liked that. And scuttling into your apartment after shielding your eyes from the sun.

    That stuff about the straw etc – excellent. I fully get you.

    Good luck – you’re free now :)

  2. Christin says:

    I defenitly know this feeling under the shower. Coming home from your job why everybody else had a life.
    You have a wonderful way of writing , especially the piece of work in the New York Times about the plan for two. Greetings from Paris

  3. CK, says:

    I enjoyed your weird way of explaining your thoughts! I have a weird brain and bunch of weird thoughts but there is no easy way for me to express anywhere as well as you can because I truly suck in writing and I hate writing because of that. I rarely comment but I can’t resist myself on this. You have a gut that many people including myself don’t have, but believe me, all of us are jealous of it. I am almost certain that with this much exposure you already have jobs lining up for you, however, it is always a good thing to have a little break, recharge and reward yourself a little before going back to the routine life again! Enjoy and have a great career ahead!

  4. Dear Marina,
    I think about a gazillion people out here can totally relate to you.
    You have a very interesting and quite funny way of describing things.
    Recently I got turned on to your “Interpretive dance for my boss” video.
    It was awesome, at last check it had 6.8 MILLION views and counting! Wow! just wow…. I personally contributed about 15 of those page views. :-)

    Seriously I think you should try writing a book and self-publishing it on Amazon.com
    The way you put words together along with your twisted sense of humor. (I just stared a new drinking game…Every time a friend gets married….you just drink as much as you can)… LOL that line, along with your delivery was just hilarious.

    Seriously, your writing is definitely good enough…. You should try writing a book.
    Truth wrapped in humor….people would definitely buy it. :-)
    Of course, by now, you are probably up to 7 MILLION views and have 5 offers from Saturday Night Live to keep you occupied. :-)

    Anyway, thanks for making my day with your video.
    All the Best

    Jason Tucker
    Tiny Tree Publishing

  5. Brandon Lewis says:

    Marina, I have to say I admire your courage and optimism. I’m in my last year at SJSU after attending the school for almost 6 years. I know how difficult the world can be to our generation. Anyway, just wanted to say I like your style. You’re brave, intelligent, beautiful, and courageous. You are also very inspiring, don’t change for anyone or anything.


  6. Balance Jones says:

    I’m in absolute awe of your view of this dreary world. I yearn to blog with little to blog about. You somehow make the mundane tolerable and damn near interesting. Glad to have stumbled upon this gem in the weeds. Ha, a pot reference classic. I’ll be reading.

  7. Bravo for you! From the other side of the fence, I am tired of hearing all the negative, traumatic, dramatic news! Don’t we know that our focus on that brings more of the same? I am tired of all the “entertainment” that focuses on the same traumatic, dramatic, killing, bringing ” to justice” type of shows. I quit TOO! I quit watching this crap….. I walk away, turn off that tube, and go create something that brings beauty and peace to my little corner of the world.

  8. Lucy says:

    Hi Marina, I saw your quit dance in the morning news and I really like your Idea and way to quit. Good luck and nice greeting from Czech Rep. Lucy

  9. Interesting … Liked the way you put down the thoughts we on the other end seldom pause to think about …. Also loved your I Quit video. Gud Luck.. – Fm. India.

  10. Lance says:

    hey marina shifrin..
    i do not know how to contact u pesonally.
    if u hav a valid mail id then please lemme know.
    neways ciao

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