8 thoughts on “Stand Up, Taipei!

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    This is great, Marina – you’re so BRAVE!! 17 minutes on stage!!

    Loved it – the lot of it, & I’ve got a mental picture of your dad :)

    (didn’t know there was different pregnancy tests!!)

  2. Awesome stuff. Are you having any shows in the future? I didn’t know you were the famous “11 million views Marina” btw I also work in Taipei for a US company during the night shift so I can relate to your pain :) I do like my boss though.

  3. Frodon says:

    Sorry,I did not understand everything, but i find you charming and funny. And your video when you quit is great (with the music of Kanye west. (sorry, my english is not very good). I am French.

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